Polyethelyne Storage Tanks

Light Weight
Food Grade

In any case there is a need to store water in your beach front property, or harvest and store rainwater, the FIRSTANK POLYETHYLENE STORAGE TANK is the right product for you. It is made of virgin polyethylene plastic that is both chemical and impact resistant. It is resilient to corrosion caused by salty water, acids, alkali, or water with high levels of dissolved minerals.

Our FIRSTANK POLYETHYLENE STORAGE TANKS comes in two configurations, the vertical-flat bottom and the horizontal, with choices from 250 Liter capacity to 10, 000 Liter capacity sizes. It is designed to be very durable with 3 layers (2 layers of polyethylene with insulating foam in the middle) and made with a process able to produce a seamless, single-piece water tank that is leak proof.

PTR 250L65cm24cm76cm100cm33cm4.0mm
PTR 500L82cm27cm93cm120cm40cm4.5mm
PTR 1000L110cm36cm106cm142cm40cm6.0mm
PTR 1500L123cm41cm131cm172cm40cm7.00cm
PTR 2000L129cm40cm150cm190cm40cm10.0mm
PTR 3000L161cm46cm167cm213cm50cm10.0mm
PTR 5000L190cm45cm182cm227cm50cm11.0mm
PTR 10000L230mm52cm248cm300cm50cm12.0mm
PTR 15000L258cm39cm315cm354cm50cm14.0mm
PTR 20000L271cm62cm370cm432cm50cm15.0mm
PTR 25000L286cm60cm412cm475cm64cm22.0mm
PTR 30000L300cm60cm445cm505cm64cm24.0mm
PTH 500L108cm98cm82cm4.0mm>
PTH 1000L134cm118cm104cm6.00mm>
PTR 2000L168cm158cm128cm10.0mm>
PTR 3000L225cm117cm138cm10.0mm>

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