Fiberglass Modular Tanks

FIRSTANK FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester) Panel Type Water Storage Tank are versatile, since its size & capacity can easily be adapted to suit to customers requirements. Ease of installation, no heavy lifting equipment required in transporting the tank panels to intended location is one of its advantage.

Applications: residential, hotels, apartments, schools, offices, agricultural, mining sites, factories water storage system.

Easy to clean, low maintenance water storage tank system that can withstand the corrosive and weathering effect of various chemical compound that metal tanks just cannot do.

LTRSGALS(L x W x H)(m)(mm)
FMV-1000L10002501 x 1 x 12.5N/A
FMV-2000L20005002 x 1 ×12.5N/A
FMV-2000L20005001 x 1 x 22.5FREE
FMV-3000L30007503 x 1 x 13.2N/A
FMV-3000L30007501 x 1 x 33.2FREE
FMV-4000L400010002 x 1 x 23.2FREE
FMV-4000L400010002 x 2 x 13.2N/A
FMV-6000L600015003 x 1 x 24.0FREE
FMV-6000L600015003 x 2 x 14.0N/A
FMV-8000L800020002 x 2 x 24.5FREE
FMV-12000L1200030002 x 2 x 35.5FREE
FMV-12000L1200030003 x 2 x 25.5FREE
FMV-16000L1600040002 x 2 x 46.5FREE
FMV-16000L1600040004 x 2 x 26.5FREE
FMV-18000L1800045003 x 3 x 26.5FREE
FMV-18000L1800045003 x 2 x 36.5FREE
FMV-24000L2400060004 x 3 x 27.5FREE
FMV-24000L2400060003 x 2 x 47.5FREE
FMV-27000L2700067503 x 3 x 37.5FREE
FMV-32000L3200080004 x 2 x 48.0FREE
FMV-32000L3200080004 x 4 x 28.0FREE
FMV-36000L3600090004 x 3 x 38.0FREE
FMV-36000L3600090003 x 3 x 48.0FREE
FMV-40000L40000100005 x 4 x 29.0FREE
FMV-48000L48000120004 x 4 x 39.0FREE
FMV-48000L48000120004 x 3 x 49.0FREE
FMV-6000L60000150005 x 4 x 310.0FREE
FMV-72000L72000180006 x 4 x 311.0FREE
FMV-96000L96000240008 x 4 x 312.0FREE
FMV-108000L108000270006 x 6 x 312.0FREE

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